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raga [ˈrɑːgə]
n (in Indian music)

1. (Music, other) any of several conventional patterns of melody and rhythm that form the basis for freely interpreted compositions.
2. (Music, other) a composition based on one of these patterns
[from Sanskrit rāga tone, color]

ragani [ˈrɑːgənɪ]

1. (Music, other) feminine form of the word raga; a beautiful song.*
2. (Art, design) a dynamic woman who creates art and design for a range of clients to meet a variety of needs.
3. (Art, henna) a henna artist that enjoys sharing the beauty of mehndi using both traditional and non traditional designs.



*If you are looking for the musical artist, follow the link to raganiworld.com and enjoy the sounds of Kirtan with Ragani.